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Krusty Fondant ’22


The seed of the collective was planted in December of 2020, when the core of the collective met each other on a weekly jam session in Lisboa.

As spring was coming, the seed started to sprout when the opportunity arose of living in the countryside, in the centre of Portugal at Outeiro Da Moura.

When the main tendency for everybody was to stay at home and work remotely or concentrate on their own stuff. We took the decision to experience life together and seclude far from our usual environment.

All those perspectives brought a very natural and organic way of living and creating.

The living room was quickly transformed into a live studio and as the lockdown continued, it opened up the opportunity to invite more musicians we met along the way to share food, culture and visions of life.

In this time the sprout flourished and with the shared love for afrobeat and traditional Sahel music this flower bloomed into two tracks named Papa n’Aime Pas & Sahara Skit.